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Outstanding Quality that satisfies your top priorities for non-OEM replacement products

KR OPC, founded by David Shin, has been in the imaging industry for more than 25years.
Over the couple of decades we have reached many momentous milestones and formed a reliable and loyal relationship with our customers, suppliers, and other collaborators.

Company background

  • 1998 Established OPC drum corporate branch in Germany, Baiksan OPC, (Hanp)
  • 2000 Established OPC drum corporate branch in UK, Baiksan OPC, (Hanp)
  • 2004 No. 1 market share in Europe, Baiksan OPC, (Hanp)
  • 2010 No. 1 market share in China, Baiksan OPC, (Hanp)
    No. 1 market share in Japan, Baiksan OPC (Hanp)

KR OPC History

  • 2016 Found KR OPC
  • 2018 Take over KEMS factory Mass production of Copier drums
  • 2019 Expand OPC drum Production line 2
  • 2020 Established EU branch, Germany Established branch in China


OPC drum Aluminum Nano-Base layer Modification Patent

OPC drum Assembly & Process Cartridge Patent

OPC Drum Drive Assembly, Process cartridge & image generating device patent

OPC Drum Solution Coating device, Coating Method patent

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