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Outstanding Quality that satisfies your top priorities for non-OEM replacement products

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Lexmark
  • Epson
  • Fujitsu
  • Hewlett
  • Kyocera
  • Konica
  • Nec
  • Oki
  • Panasonic
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Sindoh
  • Toshiba
  • Xerox


Model KR OPC Model Application
Maker Printer name Cartridge name(yield)
CP1025 KRCP1025 CANON LBP-7010/7016C CRG-029DRM (TONER : CRG-329)
CP1025 KRCP1025 HP CLJ-CP1025, 126A CE314/914A(BLACK/14,000 COLOR/7,000)
CP1510 KRCP1510 CANON LBP-5050/7200/7203/7600C CRG-316BLK(2,300)/316YEL.MAG.CYN(1,500),
CP1510 KRCP1510 HP CLJ-CP1215/1510/1518/2025/CM1300, CLJ-PRO200 M251 CB540A(2,200)/541A/542A/543A(1,400)/
CP3525 KRCP3525 CANON LBP-7700C/7750/7753/7754 CRG-323Bk(5,000), CRG-323IIbk(10,000), CRG-323CMY(8,500)
CP3525 KRCP3525 HP CLJ-CP3525/CM3530MFP/4025/4525, Enterprise 500 color M551/570 HP CE250A(5,000)/251A/252A/253A(7,000),
CE260~263A, CE400~403A, HP 507
CP6015 KRCP6015 HP CLJ-CP6015/CM6040MFP HP CE384A(35,000)/385A/386A/387A(35,000)
HP9500 KRHP9500 CANON iR-C2620/3200/3220 NPG-22 Drum unit(BLACK/13,000 COLOR/12,000)
HP9500 KRHP9500 HP CLJ-9500 C8550A(BLACK/25,000), C8551A.52A.53A(COLOR/25,000)


Model KR OPC Model Application
Maker Printer name Cartridge name(yield)
HPP1005 KRHPP1005G-1 CANON LBP-3010/3050/3100/3150/6200 CRG-312(1,500)/326(2,100)/328(2,100)
HPP1005 KRHPP1005G-1 HP HP LJ-P1005/1006/1007/1008/1102/1505/M1120/1522, MF4410/4430/4450/4453/4550/4553/4554/4570/4580/4583
HP83A LaserJet Pro MFP M125 M127 Series
HP CB435, HP CB436, CE285
HPP2055H KRHPP2055HG-1 HP HP LJ-P2035/2055, Pro400 M401 CE505A(2,300), CE505X(6,500), CF280
HPCP1518 KRHPCP1518 HP CP1215/1515/1518/CM1312
HPCP1518 KRHPCP1518 CANON LBP5050, CRG-316/CM1415/CP1525
P3015 KRP3015 CANON LBP-6700 CRG-324/524(12,500)
P3015 KRP3015 HP HP LJ-P3011/3015d CE-255A(6,000), CE-255X(12,500)
HP1200 KRHP1200 HP LJ 1150/1200/1200N/1200SE/1220/1220SE/1300; EP-25
HP1200 KRHP1200 CANON LBP-1210, FX8, EP-26 Canon LBP-3200/3210
HPP4515 KRHPP4515 HP P4014/4015/4515, M4555,
LJ M600/601/602/603/604/605/606/630
HP4100 KRHP4100 HP LJ 4100
HPCP4025 KRHPCP4025 HP CP4025/4525, CM4540
HP4100 KRHP4100 HP LJ 4100
HPCP4025 KRHPCP4025 HP CP4025/4525, CM4540
HPCP2025 KRHPCP2025 HP CP2025/CM2320, Pro300/400 color, M351/451
HPCP2025 KRHPCP2025 CANON LBP7200/7600, 305A
HP4300 KRHP4300 HP LJ 4200/4300/4250/4350
HP4700 KRHP4700 HP CLJ 4700/4730MFP/CM4730/CP4005
HP9000 KRHP9000 HP LJ 9000/9000n/9000dn/9000HNS/9000MFP
HP5500 KRHP5500 HP CLJ 5500/5500N/5500DN/5500DTH/5500HDN
HP3500 KRHP3500 HP CLJ 3500/3550/3700
HP4000 KRHP4000 CANON LBP-1760/P370/52X; HP-LJ 4000/4000t/4000n/
4000tn/ 4050/4050se/4050t/4050n/4050tn; FX6
Canon LBP-1760/52X, Laserclass 3170/3175,
HP2300 KRHP2300 HP LJ 2300/2300L/2300d/2300n/2300dn/2300dtn
HP8100 KRHP8100 CANON LBP-950/1910/3260/EP-72X/Image Class 4000, IR3250
HP8100 KRHP8100 HP LJ 8100/8100n/8100dn/8100mfp/8150/Mopier 320
HP2100 KRHP2100 HP 2100/2200, FX7; Troy System MICR 2200
HP2100 KRHP2100 CANON P100/LBP-32X/470/1000/1310, L-50, EP-32
HP2600 KRHP2600 HP CLJ 1600/2600/2605/CM1015/1017 MFP
HP2600 KRHP2600 CANON LBP-5000 (Cartridge 307)
HP4600 KRHP4600 HP CLJ 4600/4600DN/4600DTH/4600HDN/4650
HP4600 KRHP4600 CANON LBP 2510/5500, EP-85
HP3800 KRHP3800 HP CLJ 2700/3000/3600/3800/CP3505;
HP3800 KRHP3800 CANON LBP-5300/5400
HP1010 KRHP1010G-1 CANON LBP-2900/3000/3000B, MFP-M1005/6550/6570, FX-9/10, L104, L106, D480 CRG-303(2,000), CRG-306(5,000)
HP1010 KRHP1010G-1 HP LJ-1010/1012/1015/3015/3020 Q2612A(2,000)
HP1320 KRHP1320 CANON LBP-3170/3300/3310/3360 CRG-308, CRG-508(2,500)/508II(6,000)/315(2,500)/315II(6,000)/
HP1320 KRHP1320 HP LJ-1160/1320/3390/3392, LJ-P2014/2015/M2727 Q5949A(2,500), Q5949X(6,000), Q7553A(3,000)
HP2400 KRHP2400G-1 CANON LBP-3410/3460/2580K/6280K/6330K CRG-310/510(6,000), CRG-310/510II(12,000)
HP2400 KRHP2400G-1 HP LJ-2420/2430, LJ-P3005 Q6511A(6,000), Q6511X(12,000), Q7551A(6,500)
HP4300 KRHP4300G-1 HP LJ-4200/4250/4300/4350 Q1338A(12,000), Q5942A(10,000), Q5942X(20,000), Q1339A(18,000)
HPP4515 KRHPP4515 HP LJ-4014/4015/4510, M4345/4555 MFP, M601/602/603 HP CC364A(10,000pages), CC364X(24,000pages), CE390A/X
HP5000 KRHP5000 CANON LBP-1620/1820 CRG-EP62(10,000page)
HP5000 KRHP5000 HP LJ-5000/5100 C4129X(10,000page)
HP9000 KRHP9000 HP LJ-9000/9050 C8543X(30,000pages)
HPM252 KRHPM252 HP HP Pro M252/374/277/452/477
MFP M280/M281/M154/377/ MFP M180/M181
CF400~403, CF410~413
HPM252 KRHPM252 CANON Canon LBP611/613/653/631/633/635/732/734/735 CRG046
HPM553 KRHPM553 HP HP M552/553 CF360~363
HPM553 KRHPM553 CANON Canon LBP712C CRG040
HPM402 KRHPM402 HP HP M402, MFP M426 CF226 (26A/X)
HPM506 KRHPM506 HP HP M506, MFP M527 CF287 (87A/X)
HPM506 KRHPM506 CANON Canon LBP312 CRG041