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Outstanding Quality that satisfies your top priorities for non-OEM replacement products

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Lexmark
  • Epson
  • Fujitsu
  • Hewlett
  • Kyocera
  • Konica
  • Nec
  • Oki
  • Panasonic
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Sindoh
  • Toshiba
  • Xerox


Model KR OPC Model Application
Maker Printer name Cartridge name(yield)
CLP-680 KRCLP-680 SAMSUNG CLP-415/680, CLX-4195/6260 CLP-K/M/C/Y504L(1,800), CLP-K/M/C/Y506L(3,500)
R607 KRR607 SAMSUNG CLX-9250ND/9350ND/9258ND/9358ND
R809 KRR809G-1 SAMSUNG CLX-9201/9251/9301 CLT-R809(50,000)


Model KR OPC Model Application
Maker Printer name Cartridge name(yield)
SCX-6320 KRSCX-6320 SAMSUNG SCX-6220/6320
SCX-6320 KRSCX-6320 XEROX WC M20
SCX-6345 KRSCX-6345 SAMSUNG SCX-6345
SCX-6345 KRSCX-6345 XEROX WC-4150
ML2150 KRML2150 SAMSUNG ML-2150/2151N/2152W/2550/2551/2552
ML2150 KRML2150 XEROX Phaser 3450
ML2250 KRML2250 SAMSUNG ML-2250/2251/2252, SCX-4100/4520/4720
ML2250 KRML2250 XEROX Phaser 3150, WorkCentre PE120; DELL 1600
ML2851 KRML2851 SAMSUNG ML-2851/2852/2855, SCX-4824/4828/4858
ML2851 KRML2851 XEROX Phaser3250, Workcentre3210/3220
ML1610 KRML1610 SAMSUNG ML-1610/1640/1641/1642/1652/2240/2241/2245/2010/2510/2570/2571
ML1610 KRML1610 XEROX 3117/3122/3124/3125/PE220
ML1610 KRML1610 DELL 1100
ML1660 KRML1660 SAMSUNG ML-1631K/SCX-4501K, ML1660, ML1661K, ML1665K
ML1710 KRML1710 SAMSUNG ML-1710/1740/1745/1750/1410/1510/1520/700,
Fax CF-560/565P/750/755P/SF560
ML1710 KRML1710 XEROX Phaser 3115/3116/3120/3121/3130, WorkCentre PE16
ML1710 KRML1710 LEXMARK X215; Ricoh AC104, Ricoh Fax 117OL221OL, SP1000
ML1910 KRML1910 SAMSUNG ML1910/1915/1916/2525/2580/2581
SCX-4600/4605/4606/4610/4622/4623, CF650/651
ML1910 KRML1910 XEROX Phaser3140/3155/3160
ML1910 KRML1910 DELL 1130/1135
ML1910 KRML1910 MLT D105/1052/1053
ML3560 KRML3560 SAMSUNG ML-3560/3561N/3561ND/3562W/4055/4555/4050/4550/4551
ML3560 KRML3560 XEROX Phaser 3500/3600
ML3560 KRML3560 DELL 5330
ML3050 KRML3050 SAMSUNG ML-3050/3051/3470/3475,
ML3050 KRML3050 DELL 2335MFP, ,DELL-1815
ML3050 KRML3050 XEROX phaser 3428/3200/3435/3635, WC3550
ML7000 KRML7000 SAMSUNG ML-7000/7050/7300
ML200 KRML200 SAMSUNG ML200/ML210/ML250/ML1010/ML1210/ML1250/ML4500
ML200 KRML200 LEXMARK Optra E210
ML200 KRML200 XEROX Phaser 3210/3110
ML8000 KRML8000 SAMSUNG ML-8000W/8000WG/8050WG/8100W/8500W
ML6060 KRML6060 SAMSUNG ML6040/6060/6080/6085, ML-1440/1450/1650/1655
ML6060 KRML6060 LEXMARK Inforprint12
ML6060 KRML6060 NEC 1400, NEC SuperScript 1400/1450
ML6060 KRML6060 XEROX P1210, Phaser 3310
SCX5112 KRSCX5112 SAMSUNG SCX-5112/5115/5312/5315, SF-830/835F
SCX5112 KRSCX5112 XEROX WorkCentre Pro 412/M15, FaxCentre F12
CLP660 KRCLP660 SAMSUNG CLP-605/611/615/661/620/670/770/775, CLT508
ML3710 KRML3710 SAMSUNG ML3310/3710, SCX4833/5637/5639/5737
ML3710 KRML3710 XEROX WC3325
ML3753 KRML3753 SAMSUNG ML3750/3753
ML2950 KRML2950 SAMSUNG ML2950/2951, SCX4728/4729
Xpress SL-M2602/2625/2626/2825/2826,
ML2950 KRML2950 DELL B1260/1265
ML2950 KRML2950 XEROX Phaser3052/3260, WC3215/3225
ML5015 KRML5015 SAMSUNG ML4510/5015/5010
ML2168 KRML2168 SAMSUNG ML2160/2161/2162/2165/2168,
SCX3400/3405, SF760,
SL M2020/2021/2028/2070/2071/2074/2078/2820/2022/
ML2168 KRML2168 DELL B116x/1160/1165
SLM3825 KRSLM3825 SAMSUNG SL-M3320/3820/4020/M3370/3870/4070/4080,
M3325/3825/4025/4030, M3375/3875/4075
R809 KRR809 SAMSUNG CLX9201/9251/9301
SLM4530 KRR809 SAMSUNG SL M4530/4580/4583
R709 KRR709 SAMSUNG SCX-8123ND/8123NA/8128ND/8128NA